The Complete Fall Property Management Maintenance Checklist for Single-Family properties

It's almost time for fall! Don't forget that you will need to get your properties ready before the weather gets cold. Check with vendors and order supplies in preparation of a big change in the next few months so they're stocked up on all needed items when business really starts picking up again after Labor Day Weekend festivities are over.

Fall is the best time to get ahead of fall maintenance. By taking care now, you'll save yourself and your tenants some headache while saving money on emergency repairs this season!

Check out our list for all single-family properties so that there are no surprises come winter.

Exterior Maintenance and clean-up

Here are some essential tasks every Property management company should be checking off before the temperature drops this year.

Yard clean-up

The effort you put into cleaning up your yard can have a major impact on how healthy it looks in the summer. Unlikely as it may seem, letting all that organic material rot over winter is what really discourages new grass growth during springtime!

Don't prune bushes though; this often leads people think they're doing something helpful for their garden when instead they've just made things worse by inhibiting further plant development.

Ensure the Gutters are clean and Clear

Gutter clogs are the absolute worst. They can cause a variety of disasters, like leaks and damaged roofs! Make sure you clear out all your gutters for an easy winter this year-the last thing we need is another major storm with ice dams forming just because our downspouts weren't cleared properly from previous years' storms.

Inspect the Roof while you're up there

When your team is up there, have them take a good look at the roof. Make sure that there are no loose shingles or areas of decay and check around vents to see if they've been sealed properly so water doesn't leak down into the home when it rains outside
The integrity of any structure depends largely on its surface: If you notice anything wrong with yours - like gaps in coverage where rainwater can seep through- get those fixed immediately before moisture causes more serious damage!

Time to fertilize and tend to the Landscaping

The beautiful fall is the perfect time to get your flower beds, lawns, and shrubs ready for spring. You'll want to add compost then turn over soil in order maintain a healthy environment that will allow plants like roses or violets flourish this coming year! Finally fertilize those grasses before planting bulbs so they fill up with life as well.

Winterize the Sprinkler Systems

To avoid a costly plumbing nightmare, make sure you have your sprinkler systems drained properly. Water left in the lines can cause freezing and cracking which will ultimately lead to leaks or worse yet-broken pipes!

Winterize the Pool(s) and prep the pool deck

If your properties have pools, don't forget to clean them before winter! Balance the chemicals and lower water levels, cover with a lid if necessary. Next up is deck-seasoning: store furniture into storage for safekeeping during cold months (and make sure all screws are tightly fastened). Give it some TLC by removing weed vegetation or dead leaves so that dirt doesn't get stuck between cracks in boards--it could lead to rot later when you're least expecting it most of course! Seal any exposed wood using an appropriate product.

Interior Maintenance

Now that the outside is all set for the winter months, make sure your property management company schedules an inspection for the inside as well!

Check the attic Insulation

Insulation is the key to keeping your house warm and cozy during winter. It's important that you insulate pipes along external walls, look in attics for sufficient insulation material before blowing more into built up areas like roofs or ceilings; this will avoid freezing bursts which can lead all sorts of costly repairs later!

Inspect for Pest Infestation

As the weather gets colder, animals are going to find your cozy home attractive. To keep pests out this season, plug up gaps and cracks in or around your property as well as any other access points where they may be coming through like holes that were previously left open from old damage control measures taken against mice before wintertime arrived! Taking care of it now could save you a lot more money than having professional pest controllers remove raccoons and mouse families once things get bad during hibernation time (which isn't too far down our road).

Inspect the furnace and HVAC units

Schedule a furnace cleaning to have filters replaced and buildup removed, particularly for oil-burning furnaces. Be sure HVAC systems are working properly by checking them regularly!

Check the doors and windows

To keep your home safe and cozy during the winter, be sure that all the windows are in good condition and tightly sealed. You can check this by checking their seals with little effort or else just using a towel around the edges so there's no gaps for air bubbles between where they meet up at each corner (top & bottom). If you see any signs whatsoever then take steps immediately! It might seem like an obvious thing, but we recommend replacing screens on older homes as well- these will help protect against bugs who love nothing more than crawling through tiny spaces looking for warmth inside our houses in exchange only being able save themselves from freezing temperatures outside; replace those old weather stripping before it becomes too late

Check the Carbon Monoxide/Smoke Detector

It's important to check your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors regularly. Make sure the batteries are replaced, as well as placing one in every room of the house so that they can be used if there is an emergency

Have the Chimney checked

Have a chimney-cleaning company come in to inspect and clean your fireplace. They will make sure the structure of the firebox is sound, as well as remove any debris that may be inside it. Not only do they do this for you but also provide their expertise on how best maintain or repair different pieces within these types of structures so there are no future problems down the line!

Fall maintenance is essential to keep your tenants safe and happy, while also saving you money. Check off this list before winter hits for an easy way to get things done!