Towing Amherst NY

Amherst Towing is your one-stop shop for all car towing. Whether it be roadside assistance, heavy duty breakdown recovery and towing services throughout Amherst or large truck service requirements including pickup & delivery within 25 miles around Niagara Falls (or other distances upon request), we have you covered! We work quickly so that no one gets stranded on the road and is not able to moved their car or truck.

Emergency roadside assistance: If your car breaks down on the side of an empty road and you're by yourself, it can be a major hassle. But thanks to roadside assistance from auto insurance providers like Allstate or Geico they'll call us to come fix the repairs and take care of the payment.

Flat tires: The most common cause of a flat tire is low pressure. This can happen when it's cold outside and even if you have fewer or bigger tires than what's recommended for your vehicle! Leaks also lead to this problem, so make sure to check all the seams in between panels on your car before going out again tomorrow morning because we know how much trouble those little things give us anyway :)

Dead Batteries:The best way to tell if your car needs a new battery is by checking the signs. Your engine will be one sign that you have some serious issues with power, but there are others as well including not being able to turn on lights or start accessories like stereo system inside vehicle without turning ignition off first - which could mean something more severe has happened! Take these four easy-to use clues below so it doesn't become an emergency situation later down road:

Auto Lockouts: You might have broken keys or it's possible that you've locked yourself out of your car. In either case, a professional will be able to help!

An automotive expert can unlock any type and make of vehicle with just one quick glance at what they're working on - which means no more waiting around while we searches through our tools looking for exactly where these tiny little hex nuts go before finally giving up because let's face facts here: nobody wants their hands dirty when trying fix something as simplest thing in existence ( besides maybe rice).

Empty gas tanks:Your car's empty gas tank light may be on, but you're not really out. The sensors in the fuel gauge will tell when to stop driving and even send an alert if there has been no activity for awhile- so keep watching that!

Flatbed towing:Flatbed towing is a great way of moving cars that have been towed with their wheels removed. The vehicle's engine may or may not be running, so it needs some help getting onto the truck bed where you can then secure them in place by tying down any loose items on top before driving off again!

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